DIY: Book Page Silhouettes

25 Feb

final2Today’s DIY is another little detail I cooked up for my entry in the Wedding Day Hooray Table Decor Contest. There are so many fun options for marking the bride’s and groom’s seats at their reception. But personalized ones like this can later be framed or go into your wedding album as an artistic keepsake from your special day.

You will need (for 2 silhouettes):

Book pages

4 sheets 8.5 x 11″ paper (solid color)

Rubber cement (a glue stick will work too)

Craft knife with a sharp, precision blade

Cutting matsupplies

Step 1: Make your silhouette! For this project, a simple image search gave me lots of silhouette choices. But if you want to use your own silhouette, you can do so using Photoshop like this, or the old-fashioned way, like this. If you go the digital route, size your silhouette to fit comfortably on an 8.5 x 11″ sheet. Place a little bit above center to leave space on the bottom for text (if you are adding text.) When you are comfortable with the placement, flip your silhouette so that you get the mirror image (you will be printing this on the BACK SIDE of your finished piece.)  Now you’re ready to print! Be sure your paper feeds into your printer so that the silhouette prints on the BACK side.


I turned the transparency down to print lightly and conserve ink.

Before you cut, lay out your text and print on the FRONT side of the same sheet. (To make sure everything lines up as you want it to be, practice this print on the front and back of a white sheet of paper, then hold in front of a light to make sure you won’t be cutting into the text on the front.)print2Step 2: Carefully cut out your silhouette using your craft knife.cut1

all cut out!

all cut out!

Step 3: Layer a few book pages together, placing your silhouette cut-out on top to make sure you’re lining up the pages how you want them to look. Remove the silhouette cut-out and glue your book pages together.


Step 4: Glue your silhouette down to the book page layer and trim any excess book pages sticking out past the top piece.


Step 5: Finally, glue the remaining solid sheet of paper to the back. This is just for added rigidity and to make the back nice and clean. How you hang it is up to you!  If you don’t plan on keeping this for framing, you could just punch holes and thread a pretty ribbon, string, or yarn to hang. If you don’t want the holes, just use a strong masking tape to secure ribbon or string to the back.



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One Response to “DIY: Book Page Silhouettes”

  1. Katy @ All Sorts of Pretty March 13, 2013 at 9:48 pm #

    Hey! I met you at the Anthropoligie Holiday Dispay workshop and wanted to let you know that a friend of mine are starting a meetup for Atlanta bloggers and you should come! We’re juuuuust starting to work out the details, but so far we’ve got a rad space to host us, a couple of great sponsors and lots of fun stuff for creative bloggers in the area to network. It’s called BASH – Bloggers of Atlanta Say Hey! Date TBD but either April 18 or 25. Email me so I have your contact info and so we can let you know more details when they come up if you’re interested! :) Would love to see you there!

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